Making an Eclipse project for Android

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Make sure you have correctly installed eclipse, android, android plugin for eclipse before continuing this tutorial. It can be found in the Installing Android SDK

  • Select File > New > Project
  • Select Android > Android Project, and press Next
  • Select the contents for the project:
    • Select Create new project in workspace to start a project for new code.
    • Enter the project name, the base package name, the name of a single Activity class to create as a stub .java file, and a name to use for your application.
      • The package name is the standard java package name with the same conventions as used in standard java. By default, the stub .java Activity will be the first activity loaded by the application. The application name is the human-readable name of the application that will be used for displaying it.
      • Select Create project from existing source to start a project from existing code.
      • Browse to the directory containing the existing source code and click OK. If the directory contains a valid Android manifest file(AndroidManifest.xml), the ADT plugin fills in the package, activity, and application names it for you.
  • Press Finish.


Installing the Android SDK

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